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  • Call/email the governor and state officials to stop Ohio's Assault on Lake Erie Ohio is in the process of permitting 40,000 more chickens, 22,800 more hogs, and 8.420 more dairy cows that will land apply manure in the Maumee/Lake Erie watershed that is equivalent to over 250,000 people raw untreated sewage. Attached is a recent University of Wisconsin study clearly showing the impacts from the increases in phosphorus when more manure is added at Confined Animal Feeding Operation(CAFO's). Ohio is clearly permitting more manure phosphorus that will runoff to Lake Erie increasing the harmful algae blooms. And Ohio is clearly crapping on Lake Erie in favor of large industrial operations controlled by the international companies that run the meat and dairy industry - this is in no way a small family farm issue!

    ASK YOUR LOCAL GOVERNMENT TO JOIN the City of Lakewood, the City of Sandusky, the City of Toledo, the City of Oregon, Lucas County, Kelleys Island, South Bass Island in Ohio and Luna Pier, Michigan to help solve the Lake Erie Algae problem by passing a resolution asking President Biden for a Lake Erie Executive Order. The order would coordinate federal oversight and work with states, researchers, LOCAL GOVERMENTS (not now at the table) and other stakeholders to account for algae source reductions.

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  • The next virtual Lake Erie Waterkeeper meeting is Thursday May 13, Lake Erie Waterkeeper Sandy Bihn will share the history of the current algae problem from 1995 to present, also seeking speaker that will give us the latest on bird watching in the Lake Erie watershed.  Link: Zoom Meeting

    Or call 1-301-715-8592 Mtg. Id 8223662478#, Password *359588#

  • June 10 Stop the Swamp(Cullen and Grassy Island in Maumee Bay) at 7 pm Bingo Hall on Summit St. Toledo, Ohio
  • June 17 Lake Erie Waterkeeper meeting at 7 pm – more info coming

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  • Spring Lake Erie Waterkeeper Newsletter
  • Recent reports show that between 2002 and 2018 the number of livestock animals in the Maumee/West Erie watershed increased by 88%.  From the 1970's through 1995 the numbers were declining.  Slides and references coming.  Ohio continues to add livestock to the Maumee watershed, in April 2021 6000 more hogs in addition to the 1,820 additional dairy cows(from the current 2000) in March. This constant addition of confined livestock that is permitted to over apply phosphorous is a growing 'fuel source' for harmful algae. 

    2021 is one of the best walleye years ever.  The walleye are moving from the Maumee River to Maumee Bay and will continue to move east through the season.  Yellow perch fishing is great in the western Lake Erie basin but not as many in the central basin.

    Scientists are studying the 'dead zone' in the central basin.  Preliminary results show formations different than historically researched.  More information coming.  But all studies show that dying algae is the cause of the dead zone in the central basin, 
  • Lake Erie Economic Study
  • Draft Ohio Domestic Action Plan for Lake Erie
  • Great Lakes Manure Management Report – International Joint Commission Water Quality Advisory Board
  • Great Lakes Water Levels outlook - waters rising 2" in April and 2" in My is the forecast but waters are lower than historic highs over a year ago.

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