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Lake Erie & Coronavirus Update From the Desk of Sandy Bihn

It is easy to social distance in Lake Erie on a personal watercraft, sail boat, or motorized boat. So let’s enjoy the lake this summer – it has plenty of room for all. And we can stay safe and well.

And let’s take this unique often stay at home opportunity to email/call elected officials to let them know the time has come to reduce Lake Erie phosphorous – do not put too much on the land to go into the lake(manure). Do not add more manure/phosphorus where there is already too much.

To stay connected and to see each other, the pandemic requires us to use zoom and go to meeting and other platforms. Many of us would not have done it, but it is often the only way to see our family, especially grandchildren.

To have more ‘connected’ waterkeeper meetings rather than just phone calls, Lake Erie Waterkeeper is now doing monthly virtual meetings the second Thursday of each month. We still have the Lake Erie Conference scheduled for August 14, will see. If cancelled, will probably be virtual and anyone who registers will have their registration refunded.

Thank you for the continued support for our Great Lake Erie. What can help to gain momentum to help Lake Erie, is to share your Lake Erie stores. If you have one please email Stay tuned for some new Lake Erie related manure reduction projects.

Thank you for being part of the Lake Erie team whose goal is to sustain Erie’s waters today and tomorrow. And thank you for continuing to help Lake Erie during this global pandemic. Together we will continue to help these waters that are near and dear to us.
Please call/text with questions and suggestions to help Lake Erie. 419-367-1691.

Help Lake Erie – Take Action

Lake Erie now

Volunteers Needed

  • Email if you would like to volunteer at tabling events when things get back to normal.
    To help with Facebook and other social media.  Call or text Sandy at 419-367-1691.
    Share Lake Erie pictures to put on website and facebook.
    Email when you see algae - share where the algae is and other observations.

Report problems

  • Report Algae, Illness, Sick Animals, Dead Fish etc.
    1-800-282-9378 or (614) 224-0946.
  • If you see discolored water in a ditch, take a picture, note time, date and location(best you can give).  Text/call Sandy at 419-367-1691
  • If a visual take a picture, email information to HABmailbox@epa.ohio and copy to

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Lake Erie Waterkeeper Our Water Our Future Sustaining Lake Erie through advocacy,. Education, litigation and innovation All of your contribution helps Lake Erie and has a direct impact on the future of Lake Erie’s waters.

and give the gift of drinkable, fishable, swimable water!

Sustaining Lake Erie through Advocacy, Education, Litigation and Innovation

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