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Lake Erie Waterkeeper looks at government policies, research, and studies to help Lake Erie's fishable, drinkable, and swimmable waters.

Lake Erie Algae Challenge
Algae plagues Lake Erie in the summer year after year.  And after ten years of efforts to reduce harmful algae, little progress has been made.
Manure Challenge
The algae returned to western Lake Erie in the late 1990's which was the same time Ohio began recruiting Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations(CAFO's) to the Maumee Watershed.
The Environmental Working Group(EWG) and the Environmental Law & Policy Center(ELPC) conducted a study of CAFO' s in the Maumee watershed which compared the growth from 2005 to 2018 which showed a CAFO increase of over 40% and a phosphorus increase of over 60%. 
Erie Marsh Opportunity
Erie Marsh is located at the very western end of Lake Erie in Maumee Bay near the outfall of the Ottawa River.  It is in Michigan and is one of Lake Erie's best kept secrets with amazing aquatic and bird habitat. This study by Natures Conservancy describes the marsh.