Sturgeon are native to Lake Erie and are being reintroduced in the Maumee River near the Toledo zoo. Sturgeon are like dinosaurs, they can live over 100 years and take over twenty years to spawn. Sturgeon are bottom feeding so they do not compete with the walleye and yellow perch food chain.
Cuyahoga River Sturgeon History

Erie Marsh is on the northwestern edge of Lake Erie and is contiguous to Maumee Bay and the Ottawa River and is also bound by I75. It is an amazing marsh area with islands, terrific number of bird species. There is also a peninsula that serves as a barrier/protection for the marsh. Lake Erie Waterkeeper is fostering an effort with Federal, Ohio and Michigan officials, local officials, Natures Conservancy, and citizens to sustain the marsh and Woodtick Peninsula, which may be able to be preserved with dredged materials from the Toledo shipping channel.
Here is a good description of Erie Marsh by Nature’s Conservancy

Soon this will link to a website with Lake Erie and other US information on manure. The website will provide government information, research, organizational and other information to inform on the importance of reducing manure runoff to our rivers and lakes that is a big contributor to harmful algae